About Us

Jayne with a “y” - just a country girl - with a cruisey vibe - in love with the outdoors !

Jayne's Country Cruisers logo with just wine bottle

I put the cruisy into Cruiser and my simple goal is to ensure you and your group have a fabulous wine tour experience that will have you falling in love with Mudgee and see you wanting to come back and see us over and over again.

I’m a people person who is very passionate about the Mudgee region Wine Tour industry and everything it has to offer both local and visiting tourists.

Tailored and Fun

By only taking private group tours, made up of friends, families or colleagues that know each other, I can ensure that your tour will be a tailored and fun experience and one where you can truly relax and enjoy the company of your chosen group, without having to mingle with strangers.